Christopher Halajian | Reliving the Glory Days of Super Bowl XLVI



Christopher Halajian Relives the Highlights of Super Bowl XLVI

For Christopher Halajian, the New York Giants (National Football League) and the New York Knicks (National Basketball Association) are two of the most famous professional sports teams in the world. Both are championship title holders, even if the latter hasn’t bagged an NBA championship title in the past couple of decades, and both teams have gained a strong and loyal following not only in their home turf but other parts of the country as well. For Christopher Halajian, being a fan means supporting your team through its ups and downs, cheering them on in victories and encouraging them in losses. And the New York Knicks needs fans like these, but that’s for another post. For this post, Christopher Halajian wishes to talk about the Giants.

A bit about the early years of the New York Giants

Before Christopher Halajian talks about his favorite moments of the Super Bowl XLVI championships, he’d like to share a few tidbits about the Giants first, particularly their early years. The Giants joined the NFL in 1925 and is one of the oldest teams in the professional league. They won their first championship title in 1927 (pre-Super Bowl era), followed by three more in 1934, 1938 and 1956, respectively. Thirty years after their last championship title, they won another, but this time, for the Super Bowl (Super Bowl XXI). This was followed by another title in Super Bowl XXV, one more in Super Bowl XLII, and another in the XLVI game.

They rank third in the NFL and hold the distinction of having the most number of appearances in championship games than any other team with 19 appearances to date. A feat that hardcore fans like Christopher Halajian never lets anyone forget whenever they are engaged in debate over the best NFL team.

Super Bowl XLVI

For loyal New York Giants and New England Patriots fans, Super Bowl XLVI was a game they have been looking forward to years. And when the Giants won, it was déjà vu for both teams and their respective fans. The air was thick with anticipation as both teams took the field, and fans were all out in their cheers and jeers. It felt like 2007 all over again, the year when the Giants defeated New England during the Super Bowl XLII championship game. Christopher Halajian was right there on the sidelines, cheering his team and engaging in a healthy albeit strongly competitive banter with the Patriots’ fans.

During the first quarter, Giants fans knew that the championship is theirs as the Giants had a 9-0 lead. But their hopes were dashed when the Patriots led the third quarter with a 17-9 lead. Of course, we know how this game ended: Ahmad Bradshaw scoring the winning touchdown with only 57 seconds left. To this day, Christopher Halajian remembers the exhilaration of witnessing that historical touchdown!

Christopher Halajian would also like to say that the halftime show was one for the books as well, with Madonna headlining the show and guests LMFAO, M.I.A., Nicki Minaj and Cee Lo Green completing the ensemble.


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