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Chris Halajian Surprised with Jets QB Josh McCown’s New Role

New York Jets quarterback Josh McCown may be out for the remainder of the season, having fractured his left hand, but it seems the injury has opened an opportunity for the seasoned QB. It’s been reported that McCown will take on player-coach duties as the Jets prepare for their next game in New Orleans. McCown has stated he is looking to transition into a career in coaching after his stint in the NFL. McCown is a free agent who last played for the Cleveland Browns before suiting up for the New York Jets.

Christopher Halajian Congratulates Jets for Being “Most Innovative Team” in NFL

Fans may think sports and technology don’t mix, but there’s no stopping the wave of innovation. This year’s SportTechie Award goes to the New York Jets for their AI chatbot named JOAN which can answer fan questions naturally. Additionally, through the Jets’ app, fans can learn about injury reports, inactives, out of town scores, red zone, and fantasy stats with a push of a button. The Jets 360 is also an innovative video app that utilizes VR technology to bring fans memorable experiences on the playing field with the players. Currently, there are plans with Apple to deploy GPS-like directions around the MetLife Stadium. All in all, the Jets are committed to enhancing fan experiences with the help of technology.

Chris Halajian Alarmed Over Knicks’ Tim Hardaway Jr.’s Injury

It seems the Knicks just can’t catch a break. Starting shooting guard Tim Hardaway Jr. has reportedly injured his lower left leg and will be out for at least two weeks. But other reports are claiming his injury is much more serious and will cause an indefinite absence. This is a huge blow to the Knicks who are on a rotten losing streak, blowing five of the last six games. The young shooting guard has been putting up significant numbers for the Knicks, averaging 17.8 points, 4.2 rebounds and 3.3 assists per game. How Knicks coach Jeff Hornacek will manage to find a workaround to this disaster remains to be seen.

Christopher Halajian Encourages Fans to Support Knicks in eSports

eSports may still be in its earliest stages, but there’s no denying how quickly the industry is growing, so much so that major leagues like the NBA have expressed keen interest to establish and push for elite competition on the global stage. That said, the New York Knicks may have just added more star power to its eSports bid. HBO’s Entourage actor Jerry Ferrara has reportedly joined the Knicks’ eSports team as head scout and creative consultant. Ferrara has been a long-time fan of NBA 2K and hopes to draw more attention to the Knicks in eSports.

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