Native New Yorker

Christopher Halajian Native New Yorker

Shelter Island, New York is home for Christopher Halajian. Even now that he’s been living in California for years, he still considers New York as his real home. When he first moved to California, he felt quite uneasy as people were just “too friendly,” or at least that’s how it appeared to Christopher Halajian. In New York, people are always rushing off to work or some other urgent matter that you hardly had time to pause for a quick chat. This is the kind of dynamic that Christopher grew up in, and it is where he thrived. So, when he moved to California, he found the laid-back lifestyle kind of too slow for his own taste. That was then. Today, he is grateful for the slower paced life in California as it gives him more time for leisurely activities.

If it hadn’t been for the opportunity to complete his graduate studies in California, he would never have left New York. Growing up, the thought of leaving New York never crossed his mind. Sure, he knew he would eventually have to leave his home on Shelter Island, but he always felt that he would move somewhere in the state—not thousands of miles away from it.

Working for non-profits

As a marketing professional, Christopher Halajian decided to focus on sharing his knowledge and expertise to non-profit organizations. He believes that non-profits will be able to help a lot more people with a strategic marketing plan—something that non-profits often take for granted.

For the organization to secure donations, for instance, they would need to give the public a clear definition of their mission, vision and goals; and often, this can be done through a well-developed website and brochures—two components often included in strategic marketing plans.

To be able to encourage the public to volunteer, they will also need to be clear about their causes. In other words, they should lay the groundwork for donations and volunteers to come in, and this is where marketing experts like Christopher Halajian will be most helpful.

Christopher’s goal is to help these organizations remain operational so they can continue to “fight the good fight.”

New York Sports Fan

When he’s not busy working with non-profits, Christopher Halajian spends his time reviewing games and player stats of his favorite New York sports teams the Giants and the Knicks. He’s a huge football and basketball fan, and there are no other better teams for him out there than his beloved Knicks and Giants. He is particularly protective of the Knicks, defending them to friends and family whenever they undermine the team’s talents and its winning potential. He admits that the Knicks still need to figure a lot of things out, and they haven’t bagged any championship titles for decades, but these do nothing to shake his loyalty to the team.

Now that he’s started this blog, Christopher Halajian will be keeping busy writing new posts—mostly talking about New York, the Giants, and the Knicks. He hopes to see you all back here for his latest posts!